Leaf Series


Summer's Keep Trumpet Vine

7.5” x 13"

Summer's Keep Sensitive Fern

18” x 13.5"

Summer's Keep

Ash Leaves

13” x 8.5"

In the Sunshine

18” x 13"

Autumn Blues

16.5” x 12.5"

Matte and glass

On the Forest Floor

15” x 11.5”

Ferns In Their Glory

10” x 14"

Trumpet Vine & Lemonade

20” x 13.5"

Along The Foot Path
15” x 12"

A Windy Day

15” x 12”

Marbled Maple Leaves

16” x 12"

Five Maple Leaves

16” x 12"

A Breathe Of Fresh Air #2

24" x 18"

Swaying In The Breeze

19” x 18”

All Alone

8" x 11"

Japanese Maple

Negative and Positive

8" x 10"

The Beautiful Rose

11" x 14.25"

And Then It Rained

16.5" x 11"


14" x 11.75"

The Good Earth Series

Oak Leaves

The Good Earth Series

Japanese Maple

 The Oaks

“The challenge is to arrange the leaves artfully on the gel plate and to get clean, clear lines. The finishing touch is the stitching after the print is dried and pressed. So my garden is with me year round.”  — June Silberman

Ghostly Grasses Series

Ghostly Grass #1

15.25" x 10.5"

Ghostly Grass #2

15.5” x 13.5”


Phantom Fern #1

14.25” x 12.25"

Ghostly Grass #3

15.5” x 11.25"


Phantom Ferns #3

14.5” x 10.5"


Ghostly Grass #5

17.25” x 12.5"



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June Silberman


Ithaca, New York


Gilded Cage Notecard  $10


Gilded Cage Goldfinches

Notecard   $10


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To purchase or inquire about June Silberman’s artwork, please contact June by email (contact form) or call 607 257 0939.  Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.